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Confederation does not work for Saskatchewan

Unequal Voting Strength

Ottawa is Detroying our Economy

  • • The Government of Canada has committed to phasing out our Oil and Gas Industry, while passively encouraging hostility against our mining and agriculture industries.
  • • Legislation such as Bill C69, C48, the Carbon Tax, Unfair Equalization Programs, and lack of free trade benefit Eastern Canada, while reducing both the competitiveness of our businesses and quality of life of residents of Saskatchewan.
  • • The climate scare is being used by the Government of Canada to give away decision making authority to international agencies intent on socialist wealth re-distribution. This will reduce the quality of life for all residents of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan's Vote Does Not Count

  • • We rejected the Liberal Party 100%, yet Eastern Canada was able to re-elect the Trudeau Liberals despite them losing the popular vote.
  • • We have a greater population than Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Yet we have only 6 senators, while they have 10 each.
  • • Legislation that restricts our freedom can be passed without parliamentary debate, via Order In Council (OIC).
  • • The Canadian political system has no checks and balances to protect resource-rich Saskatchewan against the majority of voters in Eastern Canada.

Our Wealth is Taxed without Reciprocation

  • • Saskatchewan pays $10.3 Billion in Taxes to Ottawa, yet only receives $2.5 back in health & social transfers.
  • • We can expect more taxation from Ottawa in the future, in order to compensate for aging populations in Ontario and Quebec.
  • • Ottawa’s foreign spending and mass migration plans are out of control. In order to fund it, they will take more taxes from us, and incur more debt for us to repay.