Wexit Saskatchewan

The need has always existed for the People of Saskatchewan to have political representatives who know and understand what it is to try to get ahead, when government and international competition are always trying to keep us down. In fact, the current Canadian political system rewards complacence and waste in government, in order for it to grow and have even more control of the lives and the money of ordinary individuals, families, employees, and businesses. We have known this for far too long.

However, we are now at a breaking point. We are now forced to ask ourselves if it is better for us to allow Ottawa (or the United Nations) to continue to determine the shape of our economy and our way of life? Or if it is time for us to leave the political entity known as Canada.

While the idea of Saskatchewan's separation from Canada is new for some people, this is not the first time it has occurred. In 1994, prior to the 1995 Quebec Referendum on Separation, the provincial government of then Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow had drafted plans to separate from Canada if in fact Quebec decided to do the same. In 2020 we face a similar situation with the Province of Alberta seriously considering separation, and a federal government who is just as hostile to our economic and social interests as they are to Alberta.

Wexit Saskatchewan has three fundamental values: Economic Liberty, Social Stability, and Saskatchewan Sovereignty. Take the time to get to know us, and then consider getting involved. We all need to stand shoulder –to-shoulder to tell Ottawa with one united and strong voice: SASKATCHEWAN FIRST.

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