Wexit Saskatchewan Proposed Gun Policy

We will target all legislation on criminal behavior, while treating legal citizens with trust and respect.
The ability to own firearms as private property is a building block of a free society.

1) Recall the Firearms Act and supporting legislation.

2) Delete all data bases of legal gun owners, and their property. Change the directive of the Continuous Eligibility Screening Program (CESP) to keep track of criminals, not legal citizens. This will make a smaller, more effective, and easier to manage data base. Checks will be in place to remove people from this list as well. Anyone in this database attempting to acquire a firearm will be prosecuted.

3) Create our own ’Department of Hunting, Fishing, and Firearms’ for regulatory work.

4) Competency Certificate: Update the current firearms education program. This is used as proof that the firearms education program has been completed. The course will cover both short and long guns. The Competency Certificate (CC) will be required at point of purchase, to prove knowledge and safe handling to a seller.

5) Background Checks: An instant background check will be put into place for every purchase of a firearm. This check will be linked to the new CESP data base, as well as a criminal background check. Peaceful possession and ownership of both short and long guns will require no special permission after purchase.

6) Penalties for use of a firearm in the commission of a crime will be strengthened, and applied.

7) Open carry will be legal in wilderness areas, in a personal residence, and on your own property in a rural setting. A person will have to pass a certified course which will include legalities, handling and knowledge as well as live fire testing.

8) Communal Responsibilities: Any person with a Concealed Carry Permit will be trained as a plainclothes ‘deputy’ for service in the event of crisis or need, and may be called upon by local police or emergency services to render assistance.

9) Any fully automatic firearm (machine gun) will be available to the armed forces only.

10) We will make firearms education part of school curriculum again.

Definitions will be revised:
Long gun: Any firearm with a factory 8 inch or longer barrel with a full stock
Short gun: Any firearm with less than a factory 8 inch barrel and a pistol grip.

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