Jake Wall
Interim Party Leader

Having spent 15 years in our heavy equipment and transportation industry, Jake Wall knows Saskatchewan from corner to corner.

He has seen the highs and lows. The good and the bad. Where we are now and where we could be.

After the 2019 federal election, along with the rest of Saskatchewan, it was obvious to Jake that the imbalances of Confederation were unable to be repaired and that Saskatchewan will never be able to determine its future within the current setup of Canada. Jake's keen sense of right and wrong, prompted him to assist in the establishment of Wexit Saskatchewan as a registered political party to give the people of Saskatchewan a voice and a practical solution to Saskatchewan's lack of economic freedom, social instability, and inability to make its own political decisions.

"The only solution to Canada's inequitable setup is for the West to be elevated to an equal position through equal representation. It is now that we demand Canada to realign itself with its declared values or we will seek full Independence" (Jake Wall, Wexit Saskatchewan).

Contact Information:

Jake Wall
Email: jakewall@wexitsask.com