Wexit Saskatchewan Proposed Labour Policy

Wexit Saskatchewan recognizes the need for both sides (business and unions) to exist in Saskatchewan to make a strong and flourishing economy. Labour disputes often happen. Therefore, Wexit Saskatchewn proposes the following Labour Policy.

1) We will create an Independent Arbitrator Office for all labour disputes. This Office will not come from within the government and will be entirely independent of any political influence.

2) All disputes will be given fifteen days from the first day of a strike or lock out to negotiate in good faith.

3) Foreign influence, or any influence outside of Saskatchewan, will be prohibited. The local bargaining committee and the local business committee must be used.

4) After the fifteen days have expired, the Independent Arbitrator Office will be activated to settle the dispute;

a) Upon Independent Arbitrator Office activation, the Arbitration Panel will be convened. The Arbitration Panel will take the last contract proposal and find a common ground taking into account both the state of the economy and the cost of living.

b) The Arbitration panel will consist of 5 people.

c) The Company & Union will present their dispute to the Arbitration Panel on the 16th day of the dispute. Both parties will continue normal operations back to work during this process. Fines will be issued to any disputing party that does not adhere.

The Arbitration Panel will be;
-One person with experience in that industry of the company.
-One person with experience/knowledge of Labour laws.
-One person that is a private citizen in good standing of community.
-One person that is an independent financial advisor or consultant.
-One person from the Independent Arbitrator Office.

(Individuals on the Arbitration Panel will not be connected or affiliated to, either present or past, government, unions or lobbyists. All individuals selected must be citizens of Saskatchewan.)

5) The Arbitration Panel will have 7 days to come to a decision.

6) Both sides will agree to the findings of the Arbitrator or face penalization through legislation.

7) This process will extend to disputes between public service unions and the government of Saskatchewan -- government will be legislated to accept the decision of the Independent Arbitrator Office.

For more info:

Email us at: info@wexitsask.com