Wexit Saskatchewan Proposed Sask First Policy

As Saskatchewan's first populist party, Wexit Saskatchewan will introduce Saskatchewan First legislation to shift from the idea that Saskatchewan's products and labour are better off being farmed out to jurisdictions outside of our borders to selecting the people of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan products as much as possible for projects within the province.

1) All government contracts, whether for material or services, must first be sourced within Saskatchewan. If no companies exist, Western Canada will be next in line followed by the rest of Canada and/or International.

2) All available government contracts will be listed on the government website open for bids. At the closing of the bids, the winner(s), the details of the winning bid, and the contract will be displayed publicly as an act of transparency.

3) Each company will follow the same hiring practices as identified under number one of this policy.

For more info:

Email us at: info@wexitsask.com