Economic Liberty:

We will achieve an overall personal income tax rate of 15%-19% by:

•Abolishing all special interest spending.
•Removing non-value added government services.
•Abolishing Federal Income Tax and GST.
•Delivering essential government services only.
•Robust surface and subsurface landowner and property rights.

We will ensure that Saskatchewan remains friendly, open, and attractive to businesses by:

•Reducing corporate taxes to 7%, while maintaining current royalty formula.
•Seek comprehensive trade agreements to enhance the security of our farms and agricultural industries.
•We will promote policies to support growth and business diversification in rural areas.
•Abolishing speculative and non-value added industrial regulations.
•Ensure that regulations imposed directly and objectively relate to employee safety; and prevention and reclamation of any air, soil, and water pollution.
•Offer further incentives for maintaining a 100% Saskatchewanresident workforce.
•Offer further incentives for the relocation or expansion of existing manufacturing operations into Saskatchewan.
•Offer incentives for the development of green and nuclear technology.
•Taking punitive measures against jurisdictions blocking Saskatchewan’s economic progress.

Social Stability:

We will ensure that Saskatchewan protects individual rights, while preserving public order, thus allowing for a high quality of life by:

•Ensure access to treatment for addictions, and secure mental health servicesfor all citizens.
•Protect Seniors through a stable and expanded Saskatchewan Pension Plan; Explore solutions to lower the cost of living and support in-home care; Choice in healthcare.
•Invest in communities through subsidy of dental care, non-generic prescriptions, youth sport involvement, conditional student loan forgiveness programs, and qualified higher education via resource royalty revenue.
•Alleviate courtroom backlogs and prioritize serious criminal cases through de-regulating divorce and matrimonial property disputes. Removing judicial prejudice against men in family court.
•Promote and enhance the security of the person and property.
•Promote immigration in accordance with economic and social need.
•Impose severe penalties forserver criminal activity such as murder, terrorism, sexual assault, human and drug trafficking.
•Assist Saskatchewan’s First Nations in compensation claims against the Canadian Federal Government and institutional partners for genocide and other abuses.
•Protecting Saskatchewan citizens from discriminatory on-line censorship.
•Ensuring that publicly funded schools teach the importance of Saskatchewan’s First Nation Heritage, Western Sovereignty all while protecting the rights of parents in matters regarding sexuality or religion.
•Outlawing groups whose primary objective or effect is racial agitation, or social chaos.
•Ensure the education system is non-partisan.
•Assist local communities in developing new, and strengthen existing, infrastructure.

Saskatchewan Sovereignty:

We will ensure that Saskatchewan remains sovereign, and no way subordinate to the Government of Canada, British Crown, or the United Nations by:

•Universal Declaration of Independence from Canada and secession from the British Commonwealth; Establishment of a Saskatchewan Constitution to be citizen ratified via direct referendum; Delivery of all essential national government services; Head of state to be an elected President of Saskatchewan with an appointed cabinet. Establishment of an elected senate.
•Withdraw from United Nations agreements that erode Saskatchewan Sovereignty, including but not limited to the UN Compact on Migration, the Paris Climate Accord, and Agenda 2030.
•Enhance economic, military, and geo-political cooperation with the United States of America.
•Establish a functional defence force.
•Establish a Saskatchewan National Police and Provincial Sheriff Program. Abolish the RCMP.
•Adoption of a currency negotiated with western allies, backed by resources, and balanced by citizen debt nationalization and student loan forgiveness.
•Seek and negotiate the terms of confederation with like-minded sovereign jurisdictions ONLY if given a mandate by citizens of Saskatchewan via referendum.
•Direct Democracy/Referendum for proposed legislation not included in election platform; Punitive sanctions for breaking election promises.
•Return the power of legislation to elected officials. Judges determine constitutionality before law is passed.